Zurich’s FieldView Simplifies Crop Reporting; Kinetic Adds ‘Jump Detection’ to Wearables; Beat Capital to Launch MGAs Using OneShield

Zurich’s Climate FieldView Expands Precision Crop Information for RCIS

Zurich North America crop insurance business – Rural Community Insurance Services (RCIS) – has added Climate FieldView to its list of precision agriculture providers available to RCIS customers.

FieldView enables farmers to collect, store and analyze planting and harvest data on one platform. Farmers can electronically connect field data to RCIS systems for a more seamless, accurate and secure crop insurance reporting experience.

Zurich says the addition of FieldView makes the process of recording and reporting a policyholder’s planting and production information simpler. For RCIS crop insurance agents and policyholders, the process of reporting acreage and harvested production is one of the biggest time investments, according to the insurer.

Kinetic Adds ‘Jump Detection’ to Wearable Platform

Wearable technology firm Kinetic has added a “jump detection” feature to its Reflex wearable platform that expands the number of risky behaviors the device can detect.

Haytham Elhawary, co-founder and CEO of Kinetic. said the device can help reduce common worker injuries, like a slip, a fall or a musculoskeletal injury caused by jumping down from a truck, a ladder or a raised platform.

For industrial and e-commerce workers, jumps can result in both a single-incident acute injury, or an accumulative overuse injury. Kinetic said the average cost of a jump-related claim in 2021 was $24,716, as reported by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI).

The new jump analytics accessible through the Reflex dashboard can help industrial employers understand how frequently jumps are occurring and then take action to reduce risk for workers. Safety managers will be able to discover and provide coaching for employees in high-risk jobs and use time-stamped jumps analytics to understand on-site and off-site aspects of their operations. For example, these time-stamped events can help identify the routes and stops where drivers are more prone to jumps, or identifying job setup in their warehouse that leads to high-risk jumps.

Elhawary said Kinetic plans to add detections for more motions in the future, as part of an ongoing effort to detect more of the high-risk movements that lead to workplace injuries.

Kinetic equips workers with wearables that automatically detect unsafe movements and provide workers with real-time feedback whenever a high-risk motion occurs.

Beat Capital Selects OneShield to Launch Its U.S. Insurance Business

Venture capital firm Beat Capital Partners, which has invested in the insurance industry in the United Kingdom, is setting its sights on the U.S. marketplace and will use OneShield Software’s SaaS technology platform, OneShield Market Solutions, to launch new managing general agents (MGAs).

Beat provides new ventures with startup funding, infrastructure, risk capital, and A+ rated paper, plus guidance and support from executives.

The OneShield Market Solutions platform provides functionality for policy management (quoting, binding, and servicing), billing (invoicing through to payment), and claims administration (first notice of loss through to payment), including document management, reporting, and analysis —all configurable for the complex requirements of MGAs.

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