Who What Wear Podcast: Thomas Christos Kikis

I’m hoping that we can go through some of your backstory and you could tell me a little bit about how you found your way into the industry.

It wasn’t really by design. I went to school pre-med, and then I graduated poli-sci and writing, so I was taking a very different direction. Fashion has always been a part of my life. My parents are both quite stylish, and we were immersed in it without them knowing they were doing that. After college, I had to figure it out because my degree and all that did not lend itself to becoming a stylist or getting a job at a magazine. So really, I had to network, and I was going out a lot and meeting all these people that were editors or styling. I started to realize, “Oh, that’s what I want to do.” So I fell into it.

It wasn’t without a lot of hard work and using a lot of the corporate stuff that I had learned—because I did do a lot of corporate work—and applying it to styling, which really helped. Knowing how to deal with clients, being hyper-organized, call times… There’s a lot of money on the line and a lot of jobs and people that are depending on you. 

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