What To Buy During Supergoop!’s 2022 Friends & Family Sale

Bathing in the summer season’s all-around wonderfulness and soaking up the sun’s vitamin D-blessing rays is pretty much all we can think of about right now. (That, and 9 p.m. sunsets, summer Fridays, and everything and anything on ice.) However, being the sun-smart humans that we are, we know the only way we’ll relish the season’s bright and skin-warming weather is with an ample dose of sun protection slathered on every last millimeter of our skin. (Of course, you should be slathering-up every day regardless of the weather or time of year, but that’s a segue we need not dive into right now.) Lucky for us, and our post-winter-depeleted sunscreen stock, our all-time favorite SPF brand Supergoop! is having an epic, website-wide sale.

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