Ways to Promote Your Music on iTunes

apple music promotion

There are a few different ways to promote your music on iTunes. You can promote it through direct Apple Music link, Spotify playlists, and YouTube playlists. There are also ways to promote your music via iMixes. Read on to discover some of them. And remember, the more ways you promote your music on iTunes, the more likely it is to get a high number of views in return. Visit https://bit.ly/applemusicpromo and use code peak10 to get 10% off your apple music promotion.

Spotify playlists promotion

Spotify playlists promotion is a great way to promote your music and get exposure for your new releases. You can make playlists with your favourite artists and promote them with other playlist curators. It’s also a great way to build relationships with other artists. When someone curates a playlist that includes your music, they might feature it back in their own playlist. This way, you’re not just promoting yourself, but also theirs.

Spotify has over 50 million songs available to its users, which is a great amount to promote. However, if you want your tracks to get played on these playlists, you must build your follower base. You can do this by releasing songs more frequently, which will keep your followers engaged and increase your monthly listener count. Additionally, you can pitch unreleased songs to your followers and add them to their Release Radar playlists.

To get Spotify playlists promotion, you can either manually email curators or use a service. Some of the services offer free services to add your songs to multiple playlists. For example, you can use Boost Collective to have your songs added to a number of playlists without paying a dime.

To get noticed by curators, you should write a compelling description for your song. It should include how your song compares to others, and should be specific about the subgenres in which it fits. Make sure you include links to the music service in your pitch. For example, Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube are all popular platforms for music.

There are several different services available that specialize in Spotify playlists promotion. The best ones are Playlist Push, SoundCampaign, and Flowsty. These services will give your music exposure on Spotify playlists and also help you gain new fans. To find a company that offers services like this, make sure you read the reviews on Trustpilot.

Direct Apple Music link promotion

Apple Music has a new feature that lets you promote your Apple Music link without leaving your website. The embedded player lets you provide a 30-second preview of a song for people to listen to without having to leave your website. It also generates a shortened link that you can share with other users. This is a great way to promote your Apple Music link and increase exposure.

In order to get the most from your Direct Apple Music link promotion, you need to be aware of the audience you have an active social media campaign. You can even collaborate with other popular artists to get your music heard by more people. The more people that hear your music, the more likely they’ll buy it.

In order to promote your Apple Music link, you should send a link to the music page on Apple Music. You can then let them choose how much they want to pay for the music. Moreover, you can also provide them with support if they have any problems. Make sure you choose a direct Apple Music link promotion service that gives its customers the best support and a good reputation.

One way to promote your music on Apple Music is by embedding a player. This way, non-Apple Music listeners can hear a 30-second sample of your track. Similarly, they can also view album previews without leaving your website. The embedding player is very similar to the track preview tweet. The only difference is that you need to use a shortened URL.

Direct Apple Music link promotion is the preferred method by major labels. Unlike Spotify, it lets you target Apple users only. As a result, you can get more exposure to your music and a wider audience. This way, you won’t have to compete with other artists for advertising space.


Creating an iMix for your music will allow people to hear it in iTunes and give you a chance to promote it. You can also get users to vote for your iMix. The more votes you get, the more likely it is to get a top spot on iTunes.

Thousands of remixes are already available on Apple Music. The service is also getting ready to host the Tomorrowland digital festivals in June. Apple also announced it will be bringing back the DJ Kicks archive to the service. This collection of DJ mixes has been unavailable for 15 years.

Social media

If you’re an artist, you can promote your music on iTunes by utilizing social media. For example, if you’ve just signed a recording contract, use the Milestones feature to showcase your accomplishments. Then, post a link to your Milestone card on your social media profiles. This will help you attract more followers and increase your audience. Furthermore, it will help you share your new music with your fans.

Once you’ve made the decision to use social media to promote your music, you need to establish a strategy. A good strategy should outline goals, tactics, and metrics. Goals are the foundation of any strategy, so make sure that you know what you want to accomplish with your social media presence. Moreover, you should be aware of potential competitors.

Social media is an easy and cost-effective way to promote your new music. In addition to using your own account, you can use free tools that help you promote your music on various social networks. In addition to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you can also use iTunes Exposure to create personalized messages for your fans. This is a more professional way to market your music, and you can start with free trial.

Social media can also help artists get the attention of fans through pre-releases and sneak peeks. Providing the audience with information about new releases makes them more excited and they often share the news. Using social media for iTunes music promotion is an effective way to gain an audience and increase sales. In addition to this, you can also collaborate with other artists to create a buzz about your music.

While most music sites provide access to analytic data, it is crucial to take advantage of these tools to gain insight into how your fans respond to your music. Analytic data allows you to tweak your content based on the feedback you receive. It’s also helpful to observe the difference between a different way of presenting your music and the same results. This way, you can tailor your social media strategy to match the results that you want.