Watch a Sneak Peek of the Survivor 44 Premiere

“For 22 years, Survivor has been exploring the idea of group dynamics and interpersonal relationships in a really unique way. You take a group of strangers, strip them of everything. You abandon them, force them to create a new society while relying on each other. That’s the group dynamic. Then you put this game on top of it where you have to vote players out. And in the end, the last player left wins a million.”

That’s how Jeff Probst opens up the clip below, a sneak peek of the upcoming premiere of Survivor 44. But for the 18 people standing in front of the host and executive producer, it’s not any new information. Despite coming from all locations and walks of life, they share an unabashed love of the longtime reality show, from newer fans to people watching back in May 2000. And apparently with this cast, they also share a desire to express their excitement in odd ways.

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