Want to help POLITICO illustrate European politics and policy? – POLITICO

POLITICO relies heavily on visual artists — illustrators and photographers — to help tell our stories. If you’re interested in collaborating, here’s how to get in touch. (With our apologies/gratitude to our many talented friends at the Washington Post, from whom we’ve cribbed the idea for this page.)

POLITICO is a global nonpartisan news organization, covering the politics, policy and personalities of the European Union. Our coverage includes everything from breaking news to explanatory narratives; from opinion pieces penned by world leaders to photo essays documenting life on all corners of the Continent.

While there are far more artists interested in working with us than the realities of time and money would allow, we are always seeking fresh takes on the topics we cover, from a diverse range of artists spanning the globe. We’ve commissioned work from all over Europe and dozens of countries outside it. Diversity of thought, and the ability to visualize sometimes-tricky, often-complex, concepts is what we look for in potential collaborators — along with the ability to hit a deadline. 

There are really no further prerequisites here: We’ve worked with artists who had no prior editorial experience; we regularly work with — and often seek out — artists who have no background in illustrating political topics. You should be naturally curious, and able to understand the text we send along, whether that’s a brief of a few sentences, or an exhaustive 3,000-word examination of what went wrong in Europe’s response to the coronavirus. 

If you have 5 minutes, please take the survey below. As we broaden the number of commissioning art directors on our staff, we’re trying to build a more accessible database of collaborators. So whether you’ve worked with us zero or three or 20 times, we’d love to hear from you here.

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