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The Tyler Civic Theatre is bringing the lovable character who lives in a pineapple under the sea to the stage.

“SpongeBob,” the musical adaptation of Nickelodeon’s long-running children’s show, opens at 7:30 p.m. July 28 with performances each week through Aug. 14.

Director Shelby Moy said the musical offers plenty of elements from the cartoon.

“If you’re a fan of the show you’ll see the little hidden quotes and snippets throughout,” she said. “But you really don’t even have to be a fan to enjoy it.”

Zach Combs is cast in the title role.

“I was one of those kids that grew up on ‘SpongeBob,’ watching every episode in the morning before school started,” he said. “It’s definitely a privilege to play SpongeBob. I get to be my childhood dream character.”

In the show, the whole town is about to be destroyed by a volcano.

“SpongeBob and friends are trying to save the town and there are a lot of wacky, crazy things that happen along the way,” Moy said. “I think anyone can enjoy it – parents, millennials who grew up with the cartoon, everyone.”

Combs, who has been performing with Tyler Civic Theatre for 13 years, said “SpongeBob” is a fun show.

“It’s a great story to come out and watch and we’re having a great time with it,” he said. “I definitely love this character and based my personality off of him for a little while. I see it as I’ve been practicing my entire life for this role.”

In her first solo job as a director, Moy said it has been a journey.

“But what has made my job the easiest is the cast,” she said. “I have a great group of really talented individuals and they’ve all had a really positive attitude. They’ve just made it really easy and fun and it’s been one of the most fun rehearsal experiences I’ve had in a show.”

Moy said “SpongeBob” fans will recognize the songs performed in the musical.

“The opening song is called ‘Bikini Bottom Day’ and fans of the show also will remember ‘Best Day Ever,’” she said. “That’s a big number in the show and there’s also a big tap dance number.”

The show is about two hours long with a 15-minute intermission.

“Everyone should come see it. It’s inside and it’s a great way to beat the heat,” Moy said. “If you enjoy imagination and Nickelodeon, this is the show for you. It has that Nickelodeon wacky flare and is great for the whole family.”

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