Top 5 Rap Radio Stations in the United States

Rap Radio Stations

If you’re looking for a great rap radio station, then look no further. The internet is packed with dozens of options. We’ve listed some of our favorites for your listening pleasure. BIGFM US RAP, WEAS-FM, Shade 45, 102.1 FM, and more. You can also listen to their regional outlets in the United States. If you’re a fan of De La Soul, then you’ll love this station. If you want to listen to over 10,000 stations worldwide and stream 24/7 listen to Worldwide Tweets Radio now.


WGCI FM is a Chicago-based rap radio station, first broadcasting in 1991. The station was originally owned by Gannett, but in 2000 the company sold it to Chancellor Media. After that, the station’s call letters changed to WGRB. It was previously called WVON. Until mid-2008, WGCI ranked number one in the Chicago market in both music and overall ratings.

WGCI plays about fifteen hip-hop/R&B songs at once, with approximately 18 hours of airtime in total. This amount of music is too much for some listeners, who complain of the same songs playing over again. This only reinforces the desire for those songs. However, WGCI is taking steps to correct this issue. One of its programs, Dilemaradio, posts the most popular songs online.


WEAS-FM is a mainstream urban radio station in Springfield, Georgia, owned by Cumulus Media. The station began in 1968 and is dedicated to bringing the best in hip hop to the greater Savannah area. The station’s website features hip hop music news, interviews with popular hip-hop artists, and access to events and concerts. It has a loyal following of hip-hop fans in the Savannah area, and a great variety of music genres.

WEAS-FM is the best way to enjoy rap music in the Savannah area. It plays hip-hop music in an eclectic style, blending classic and contemporary music. This station also features a popular morning drive show, which has been the number one morning drive show in the area for over a decade. This station is a great choice for listening to hip-hop, since its format blends classic rap with contemporary pop releases.

Shade 45

After a long hiatus, rap music finally found its way to Sirius XM with the creation of Shade 45. The radio station’s name evokes the hip hop world, and the radio station plays music from artists Em himself adores. It also hosts the popular Sway In The Morning show with Sway Calloway. The program is popular and encourages listeners to get isolated in their own homes and savor the beats of its favorite artists.

To get your song played on Shade 45, you must first get your song in front of the programming team, who would rather listen to songs that already have a track record on other rap radio stations. Moreover, if you are not yet known to the programming team, you can try submitting your music to local radio stations, as they will play it on air and give you extra exposure. Other ways to get airtime on Shade 45 are to submit your music physically to the station. The mailing address of the radio station is located in their contact page.

102.1 FM

If you are looking for a hip hop radio station, you have probably heard of 102.1 FM. The radio station focuses primarily on hip hop and rap. Some of its notable personalities have worked at the station, including Tre Black, who was the host of 102.1 as Tre Bien. Other notable personalities who worked at 102.1 FM include Terrence J, who was a co-anchor on E! News and a host on BET’s 106 Park. However, 102.1 FM is not available to listeners in the EU.

Atlanta’s 102.1 FM rap radio station is known for promoting quality rap. Besides featuring DJs like Mo Quick and J Nicks, the station also plays hip hop music from other regions. Atlanta is home to a number of hip hop artists, and this station has been a staple in the city for several years. Audacity also owns the station, which is frequently one of Atlanta’s top-rated radio stations.


You can find WSBZ rap radio station in Santa Rosa Beach, FL on Bay Drive. The station is operated by Carter Broadcasting, Inc. The station’s studios and offices are on Bay Drive. Its transmitter is located near Mack Bayou Road. If you hear this station on the radio, you can help the station get a better rating by writing a review. We hope this article helps you choose a rap station in Santa Rosa Beach, FL!

WSBZ rap radio station


WSLR is a local rap radio station in Jacksonville, Florida. The station airs various music genres, including hip hop, reggae, and rap. The station is run entirely by volunteers, with only one employee on the payroll: Dave Beaton. This is a good thing, since most radio stations go out of business when the owners start paying people. The only exception is WSLR’s co-host, Paolo Baez-Perez.

Sweeting stepped down last year as manager, and has since focused on her nonprofit organization, the Peace Education and Action Center, which runs the Fogartyville Community Media & Arts Center. David Beaton has taken over the station’s running, and he says it’s time for a new generation of radio executives. He has plans to increase the number of fundraisers that WSLR puts on and streamline its operations.

96.5 LPFM

KNOZ 96.5 is a Northern California hip-hop, R&B, and rap radio station that airs 24 hours a day. Unlike other Northern California radio stations, KNOZ emphasizes the music of local artists and declines to air big-names. The station’s programming is based around a mix of new releases, popular rap songs, and music from the classic soul era.

The FCC closed the LPFM application window in 2013, and the next application window may be as early as 2022. For those interested in obtaining a low-power FM license, you must find an open frequency in your area. Once you have a frequency, you must apply to the FCC to receive the necessary license. The FCC cannot assign a frequency unless you specifically request it. If you want a particular frequency, you can contact the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, which offers a sliding-scale membership.

WSLR – 9

If you’re looking for a new way to get hip-hop, WSLR’s new show is the perfect way to do it. Each week, the rap radio station features artists from all walks of life. This unique style of hip-hop, called intelligent hip-hop, is quite different from mainstream hip-hop. The show is a live stream, and attendees can ask questions in a live chat. You can also download shows or subscribe to podcasts.

WSLR – 9 rap radio stations are very popular in the South. The station has an outstanding morning show, the Breakfast Club, and features hip-hop news and insights. While the program is primarily hip-hop-based, the station also plays a variety of genres, including pop, classical, and jazz. Regardless of what your tastes are, you’re sure to find a station that satisfies your musical taste.

WSLR – 96.5 LPFM

WSLR – 96.5 LP FM rap radio station features diverse personalities, voices, and genres. The station’s co-owner and radio producer, Arlene Sweeting, has since moved on to focus on the Peace Education and Action Center and the Fogartyville Community Media & Arts Center. She has since turned the reins of WSLR over to a new operator, David Beaton. “It’s time to bring in some fresh blood to run it.”

WSLR is a community radio station that began broadcasting in August 2005. Its mission is to share local events and information with its listeners. As a non-profit radio station, it’s free from the restrictions and censorship of marketable media and is a welcome change from the usual fare heard on commercial and mainstream radio stations. WSLR is led by Arlene Sweeting and David Beaton, and has a roster of talented artists that includes Bo Bentley, Yung Thug, and more.


The late 80’s saw the emergence of rap music in the United States, but few people had an idea that the station would turn the local scene on its head. The station became known as KDAY, and its on-location DJ shows, “The Mixmasters,” were a huge hit. The DJs spun records live from Skateland and broadcast the feed over a special phone line. DJs such as Tony G, known as Bobby Jimmy, and Lisa Canning helped splice different elements of songs into new sounds.

KDAY has been around for almost six decades and was founded in 1948. It was the first hip-hop station in the country, launching the careers of many mainstream artists. Its diverse format reflects the diversity of the Southern California market, and is characterized by the distinctive West Coast sound. Currently, the station is one of the most influential in the music scene. In addition, it also offers live streaming to connect listeners around the country.