The Top 7 Summer Trends, According to J.Crew’s Olympia Gayot

I first learned of Olympia Gayot, J.Crew’s head of women’s design, through TikTok. No, not her own account, but a viral video by Caitlin Murphy, who said she hasn’t “felt this passionate about J.Crew since the Jenna Lyons days” and described Gayot as the “new fashion icon we all need to know.” Hundreds of TikTokers agreed and geeked out on Gayot’s personal style in the comments section. “Same I haven’t gone in 5 years and now I’m checking their website every week,” one comment read. Now if that isn’t proof that Gayot is doing something right at J.Crew, I don’t know what is.

Naturally, I jumped at the chance to interview Gayot herself and get her expert insight on the best summer 2022 trends to try right now. Scroll down to see how she personally styles the trends on Instagram and shop the J.Crew pieces she’s loving. 

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