The Best Under-$150 Jeans Hiding at the Nordstrom Sale

Shopping for jeans, especially online, can be a difficult task. Unless you’ve heard via word of mouth or are supernaturally good at knowing what will look good on your body without trying anything on, the process of finding the perfect pair of jeans online is quite tricky. Add the pressure of a fabulous sale and barely there prices into the mix, and now you’re really in a predicament. If there is one piece of advice we can give you, it would be to not let the low prices trick you into thinking you “need” a product. Instead, do your homework.

In case you’ve missed it, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is still in full swing and prices are looking better than ever. Clearly, you clicked into this article to shop some quality denim, so instead of making you do the aforementioned homework, we did it for you. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the best under-$150 jeans, according to raving customer reviews, currently available at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. From black skinny jeans to on-trend high-rise pairs, the selection ahead has a little something for everyone.

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