The Best Striped Tee Outfits Inspired By French Girls

It’s no secret that we love French style here at Who What Wear. Can you blame us? This season, we’ve already talked about their preferred handbag trend, favorite basics, and trousers of choice. Right now, I’m going to delve into how three different Parisian women style one of the quintessential French-girl style essentials: the striped T-shirt. 

One look includes wide-leg trousers and ballet flats, while another outfit formula involves straight-leg jeans and sandals. Whichever way you slice it, there’s truly no wrong answer when it comes to styling your striped tees—I’m just here to offer some ideas if you’re feeling a bit uninspired. I made sure to include a variety of price points starting at a mere $13 for a super-cute tee from H&M. Scroll down to re-create my favorite striped tee outfits inspired by French girls. 

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