The Best Men’s Watches Under $200 Look Like a Million Bucks

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The big news in men’s watches right now might be smart (as in shiny, new, and can read your emails) and old (as in rare, one-of-one, and expensive), but if you’re a timepiece purist on the hunt for a handsome watch, the good news is that there have never been more options to choose from. And we’re not just talking about the high-end of the market where premium materials (platinum, gold, alligator) and ultra complicated Swiss movements can easily drive a single watch’s retail price north of $20,000. If your accessory budget is about 1% of that, you’re still in luck. Watch brands big and small are churning out timepieces that share similar aesthetics of those way, way pricier options, but don’t clock in at the cost of a sensible four-door sedan. Yes, you’re trading off bells and whistles and the fine craftsmanship that makes the guts of some watches as jaw-dropping as their carefully considered dials at the two-Benjamin level, but those are the details that only a true watch aficionado will pick up on when you flash your newly decorated wrist at your next sales meeting. Everyone else around the lacquered conference table will just think you’re a guy with good taste. Here are the best men’s watches under $200 you can’t go wrong with.

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