The Affordable Logo Baseball Cap People Will Freak Out Over

One of the most enduring accessory trends of the past several seasons is undoubtedly baseball caps. They add a cool, effortless, sporty touch to any outfit and I personally think they look good on everyone. I suppose this explains why I own more of them than one person really needs, but there’s no harm in that. And I’m happy to say that I’m about to add another one to my collection.

Our very own line, Who What Wear Collection, just released a baseball cap of our own. It’s a neutral khaki shade that works year-round. It’s made of durable cotton twill and features Who What Wear Collection’s chic logo embroidered in black. And yes, it’s only $38, which is far less than many logo hats on the market. Scroll to see the first of many fashion people that are freaking out over the hat and shop it for yourself (as well as a few cute things to wear with it).

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