The 30 Best Jeans for Women, According to Our Editors

Even if you’re not the most fashionably inclined, a good pair of jeans is the cornerstone of every practical wardrobe. From straight-leg, loose fits, to dark-wash skinny jeans, the denim market can feel overwhelming just from the sheer amount of variety.  With so many types of jeans out in the clothing universe, how do you find a pair that works for you? Here’s where a trusty recommendation comes in. 

To find out which jeans are the best of the best, I turned to my fellow editors to share which pairs of jeans they can’t live without. As experienced shoppers whose job revolves around finding the finest fashion has to offer, it turns out you can’t get a much better denim endorsement than our editors. Whether you’re on the hunt for curve-friendly jeans or a pair that goes with every single hoodie you’ve acquired this year, keep scrolling to see our editor-approved favorites. 

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