The 24 Best Wide-Leg Jeans to Shop This Season

As a fashion editor who wears jeans pretty much every day, I’m always (excitedly) keeping up with the latest denim styles, silhouettes, cuts, washes, details, and brands that are trending from season to season. If you read Who What Wear on the reg, you’ll know that non-skinny jeans—aka loose, wide-leg, and relaxed silhouettes—have been trending hard this year. It’s a style that’s blowing up this season thanks to its dominant presence on the runways and the fashion crowd. You can’t scroll Instagram these days without seeing some sort of cool iteration of trouser-like wide-leg jeans.

In seasons past, the high-rise silhouette has been a dominant force, but this winter, we’re now seeing plenty of mid-rise and fashion-forward low-rise styles come into play, so there’s something to suit every fashion taste. We’ve also been seeing a deviation from cropped styles in favor of long and loose denim with that stylish puddle effect we talk about often here at WWW.

I’ve been slowly adding a variety of wide-leg jeans to my wardrobe. Below, I’m highlighting 10 of my favorites that fit great and feel great and are altogether on-trend this season. If you too are on the hunt for a fresh new pair of wide-leg jeans, keep scrolling for plenty of style tips and shopping picks and to take a look at more on-trend denim styles I have my eye on below. (For reference, I am 5’7″ and usually wear a size 27.) 

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