The 14 Best Brands for Summer Dresses, Period

Ironically, I’m actually not the biggest dress person. On most summer days, you can find me in a casual combo of jeans and a tank or, more recently, leggings or bike shorts. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not qualified to speak on the matter. In fact, my mild aversion to wearing dresses makes me pickier when shopping for them, and this selectiveness translates to those I’m willing to recommend to others, too.

So which brands do I turn to when I need a summer frock? Over the years, I’ve developed a handful of favorites—15 to be exact—and based on my Instagram findings, it seems that the majority of fashion people I love to follow are aligned with my selections. Ready to find your new summer investment (for as little as $30)? To see, read about, and shop each brand, just keep scrolling.

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