The 12 Best Nail Polishes for Every Skin Tone

Something magical happens when I wear orange nail polish. Not just any kind of orange, though—it’s a very specific, pumpkin-turmeric hybrid that apparently jumps right off my hands and into the eyeballs of friends and strangers, who are then powerless to throwing an “OMG, what color is that?” my way. It’s a boost of color confidence I really need because aside from the occasional nail art moment, I tend to stick to pretty neutral nail polishes I know will complement my Brown skin.

This personal hue development got me thinking about ways to help women of every skin tone consistently pick winning manicure shades. After all, selecting a flattering hue off the giant polish wall at the salon takes forever. (Why does it sometimes feel like a minefield of potentially disastrous results?) Thankfully, there are some simple guidelines to help make sure your chosen lacquer will accentuate your skin tone every time.

Keep reading to find out the best nail color options for every complexion, according to celebrity manicurists who know it all when it comes to shade matching. And be sure peep the curated selection of polishes, broken down into easy-to-shop categories, so you can have a guaranteed winner or two on hand for your next mani.

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