Technology improves experience at dentists’ offices

MIAMI – Up to 15% of Americans fear going to the dentist, which can exacerbate problems such as gum disease and tooth decay.

What many don’t realize is how technology is making those visits less stressful and more effective.

Miami dentist Dr. Juan Carlos Izquierdo always has an assistant by his side but these days it’s not just a human, it’s also a robot.

The YOMI Robotic Dental System was first approved for a single dental implant in 2017, then for a full arch implant in 2020 which Izquierdo said provided a dramatic improvement in accuracy.

“We’re talking about millimeters. this is a precision game when it comes to implant placement and we have to be within certain millimeters of bone because there’s been a lot of research done that if you don’t have the adequate bone support on the implant, because of the movement and the functioning of the mouth you may lose your implants just like you lose a tooth,” he said.


While the robot can track patients’ movements and make automatic adjustments, the doctor is always in complete control of the treatment plan.

“We’re looking to be predictable and for these results to be long-lasting,” Izquierdo said.

For the same reason, Boca Raton dentist Dr. Geoffrey Morris utilizes the latest in 3D imaging both in the office and even through a remote van that can come directly to patients, making every visit seamless.

“We’re able to pre-prepare the surgery we know exactly to the millimeter what size implant to place, for other things what we can do is 3-D print guides so we know exact angles, we can 3-D print dentures, we can 3-D print a lot of things now,” Morris said.

He said the advancements in technology mean patients in need of a crown, cap, or veneer could be in and out the door within an hour.

“I’ve had about 150 years of dentistry in my life and if those dentists could see what we’re doing nowadays it would blow their mind,” Morris said.


There are even wireless scanners that can take a digital image of your mouth which means there’s no need to bite down on those doughy clay-filled trays.

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