Technology Before Tax Or HWEN Pointless

“The Government’s primary focus has been on how to
price emissions and get farmers to cough up more money, but
they should have been more worried about how farmers can
practically lower emissions through technological
advancements without paying an extra tax,” says ACT’s
Primary Industries spokesperson Mark Cameron.

position is clear – technology before tax. We say farmers
shouldn’t be forced into an emissions pricing scheme,
until there are credible and practical methane mitigation
technologies available. We’re pleased the Government
hasn’t forged ahead with a brutal tax at the processor
level, but if levers aren’t pulled to allow farmers to
access the technology that can help them lower their
emissions it will be pointless and amount to more costs on
the sector that kept us afloat throughout the COVID

“It is also disappointing that the
Government’s representatives in the partnership, the
Ministry for the Environment and Ministry for Primary
Industries, are refusing to sign due to citing a conflict of
interest that they have somehow only discovered more than
two years after joining the partnership. The reality is that
they don’t want to sign because they don’t want to be
held accountable.

“The Government has spent hundreds
of millions on R&D, but farmers are yet to see the
results of any of it. Bovaer feed additive is being used
across Europe and can tangibly reduce on-farm emissions, but
in New Zealand their application hasn’t even been
considered 14 months after it was lodged with the

“Meanwhile our out of date genetic engineering
laws mean that innovations like AgResearch’s High
Metabolisable Energy ryegrass, which has the potential to
reduce livestock methane emissions by around 23 per cent and
ensure less nitrogen is excreted into the environment, are
illegal here.

“If the Government is serious about
reducing agricultural emissions it should be looking at
solutions like this.

“Today’s announcement means
that there is a lot more work to be done. ACT will continue
to advocate for a technology before tax approach that keeps
our farmers at the pinnacle of global

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