State Politics Quiet Ahead of General Election


With less than 30 days before Novembers election, the amount of political ads and signs is not overwhelming as in years past.

Political Analyst Steve Flowers says this election was won in Spring, for the primary election.

“Alabama has become a one party state in state politics.” says Flowers.

Republicans hold all 21 state offices and hold a super majority in both the House of Representatives and the State Senate.

Flowers says the voter makeup in Alabama is about 60% Republican and 40% Democrat, but most of the major metro area’s in Alabama are democrat controlled, making for some competitive local races.

In many state races, Republican nominees face little known Democratic challengers and usually the Republican nominee is a shoe-in for the November General Election.

“The election really is held in May and June when the Republican primary is held. Really the republican primary is paramount to the election.” says Flowers.

The 2022 General Election its Tuesday November 8.

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