Sophie Turner Made Uggs Look Elegant at the Airport

Up until very recently, I pretty much only wore Uggs to walk the dog and go to Pilates classes. But after wearing them for a long car trip earlier this month and finding them to be glorious, I’m adding travel days to my list of places where I wear Uggs. And Sophie Turner’s recent styling of a pair of Uggs for a flight has me even more convinced.

Turner was recently photographed at the airport wearing an Ugg outfit that was downright elegant. As cool as Uggs are, it isn’t that easy to make them look elegant, given how casual they are. The pair the Turner opted for was the brand’s wildly popular platform Tazz Slippers. She paired them with straight-leg jeans and a long black coat. As you’ll see, the coat ensured that she looked completely polished, even though she was wearing shoes with “slippers” in the name. 

So, the moral of the story is that if you want to make Uggs look chicer for travel days (or any day), just pair them with a long wool coat. Done and done. Scroll on to shop Ugg slippers and a few coats that would look great with them.

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