See Louis Vuitton’s New Engagement Ring

While Louis Vuitton will always be synonymous with handbags and luggage, those are far from the only categories the brand excels in. Case in point: the new LV Diamonds fine-jewelry collection that launched this week, including beautiful rings, unisex bands, earrings, and pendants. Lord knows I’ll be dreaming about the entire collection, but the rings stood out to me in particular because they’re bound to become the most covetable engagement rings for fashion people. 

“The monogram flower, Louis Vuitton’s iconic pattern, resonates throughout the House with its timeless and bold design,” the brand said in a statement. “With the LV Monogram Star diamonds, the motif confirms its status as a symbol of eternity…Instantly recognizable with its fifty-three facets with pointed ends, it reprises the star-shaped monogram flower created by George-Louis Vuitton.” Scroll down to see close-up photos of the new LV Diamonds collection. 

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