Russia-Ukraine war latest updates – The Washington Post

Iran plans to send missiles and drones to Russia for Ukraine war, officials say. Iran is strengthening its commitment to supply arms for Russia’s assault on Ukraine, according to U.S. and allied security officials, secretly agreeing to send not only attack drones but also what some officials described as the first Iranian-made surface-to-surface missiles intended for use against Ukrainian cities and troop positions.

The increased flow of weapons from Tehran could help offset what Biden administration officials say have been huge losses in Russian military equipment since Moscow invaded in February, write The Post’s Joby Warrick, Ellen Nakashima and Shane Harris, and a rapidly dwindling supply of precision-guided munitions of the kind used in last week’s strikes against Ukrainian cities.

Independent news outlets in recent days published photos of the remains of what appear to be Iranian-made drones used in strikes against Ukrainian targets, calling into question Iran’s repeated denials that it has supplied such weapons to its ally Russia. Pentagon officials also publicly confirmed the use of Iranian drones in Russian airstrikes.

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