Robert Spadoni, former Rush Oak Park Hospital COO, indicted for fraud

Spadoni allegedly defrauded Rush Oak Park Hospital, operated by Rush University System for Health, out of $622,500 after he entered the hospital into a professional services agreement around December 2013 with Medical Education Solutions (MES), a podiatry company established and owned by Spadoni.

Under the agreement, Rush was paying MES $6,500 per month for “administrative support and compliance services,” but only $1,500 was actually used for services in the contract, according to the indictment. Instead, Spadoni and his wife used the funds for “their own personal benefit,” the indictment says.

The alleged scheme lasted until July 2021, around the time that the hospital’s new CEO Dr. Dino Rumoro disclosed discovering financial misappropriation at the operation by a former executive. But Spadoni’s name was not disclosed at the time.

Rush did not immediately respond to a request for comment Thursday evening.

This story first appeared in Crain’s Chicago Business.

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