Roanoke Ballet Theatre presents “Dracula”

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) – Dracula will take the stage as a ballet on Saturday at the Jefferson Center.

The story follows Dracula, as he launches his reign of terror following the tragic loss of his wife.

Centuries later, a lawyer, Jonathan Harker travels to Transylvania to finalize a real estate deal with the Count.

Dancer Rolando Sarabia plays Harker.

“My character is noble and dutiful and so romantic, and you know loving my wife. And his character is really bad, and everyone knows how Dracula is. I am kind of the one from the town, the village, and I go to sell him a house in his palace. And he’s trying to kill me, and the whole story,” explains Sarabia.

Depicting the classic story as a ballet does come with its challenges, but Sarabia says the audience will be able to follow the plot.

“Putting together such a nice story in ballet, it’s not super easy to do, because remember the dancer doesn’t talk, we have to mimic with the ballet steps,” says Sarabia.

According to Roanoke Ballet Theatre, the cast consists of more than 50 dancers, including 26 youth from the Roanoke Valley.

Sarabia says the show is a blend of modern and classic, and is a great way for families to enjoy the Halloween weekend.

“That’s also really important, because what a better season to do Dracula than in Halloween season,” says Sarabia.

If you’d like to buy tickets to the show, here’s the link.

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