Paris Jackson’s famous father taught her beauty comes from within | Entertainment

Paris Jackson says her “free-love, hippie-type dude” father, the late Michael Jackson, inspired her to keep an “open mind” when it comes to beauty.

The 24-year-old musician-and-model – who is the daughter of The King of Pop and Debbie Rowe – says it was drummed into her that “beauty comes from the inside”, and so she’s always up for experimenting with her appearance.

Speaking to POPSUGAR, she said: “I try and always keep an open mind – not just with makeup, but with everything.

“I was raised by a free-love, hippie-type dude, so we were taught that beauty comes from the inside – and to this day, I still believe that.”

Paris’s signature look is a smokey eye.

She shared: “My go-to look is just a little bit of eyeliner at the very edge of my eye, like a wing, but I don’t really touch the eyelids as much.

“I feel like a smokey [eye] is somewhere between that and ’80s rock and roll.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Let Down’ singer – who is the face of KVD Beauty’s latest campaign – admitted it’s only more recently that she’s felt “good about myself and my body” as a result of practicing self-love.

She said: “Recently, I’ve learned how to cope with it all by practicing self-love and affirmations and diving deeper into my spiritual life.

“It wasn’t until the last couple of years that I’ve started feeling really good about myself and my body, and feeling comfortable and everything. Those moments of self-love aren’t 24/7, but the bad moments are fewer and further between.”

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