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Overcommunicating with Your Team to Get Through Hard Times with Nick Ron Featured ImageNick Ron is the founder and CEO of House Buyers of America. He is an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience as a real estate investor. He founded House Buyers of America in 2001, selling homes through his hybrid real estate model that balances technology with human on-the-ground expertise. Nick took the House Buyers of America from $0 to $50 million within his first three years of business operation. Nick is an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner and has been featured in USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and the US News role report, to name a few. For more information, go to HouseBuyersofAmerica.com

If our current economy is stressing you out, you’re in the right place. Today’s guest, Nick Ron, has suggestions for weathering the storm and what we need to be thinking about going forward. Having been in the real estate industry since 2001, Nick has gone through some tough times in his business and shares great information on keeping your team strong and connected, regardless of where your business is at.

“When your team sees the whole industry is struggling, and you’re communicating with them frequently what you’re doing to get through these difficult times and what you need from them to help you get through it, that makes things a lot easier.” – Nick Ron

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Nick Ron on Overcommunicating with Your Team to Get Through Hard Times podcast


This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • Making your money work for you. 
  • Challenges in growing a small business from nothing. 
  • Not having experience in your industry can give you an outside perspective to try new things. 
  • Reinvesting money into your business and creative funding. 
  • Reassuring your team when things get tough.
  • Learning how to hire the right people and celebrating all successes.
  • Mistakes many small businesses often make. 

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