Outwear Trends: 7 Popular Styles Everyone Will Wear in 2023

Contrary to popular belief, I love the wintertime. My resume wouldn’t tell you that though: after 23 years in Miami, people are surprised to hear that chilly weather brings out the best in me. To be fair, it’s only for one reason: winter outerrwear trends. Now that it’s cold, it’s time for me to really start dressin’.

As a born and bred Floridian who’s beginning to experiment with seasonal dressing for the first time in her life, I’ve been drawn to streetstyle and runway imagery focusing on coats and jackets. While it’s tempting to put on my favorite big black puffer jacket and call it a day, the art of layering is one I’m adopting into my wardrobe. Naturally, with a ton of layers comes even more fun outerwear. 

Below, 7 outerwear trends that I’m getting ahead of and incorporating into my closet before they’re everywhere in 2023. Hurry though— add these to your cart before people catch wind and sell them out. Thank me later!

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