Olivia Rodrigo Wore Trendy Dr. Martens Mary Janes

Olivia Rodrigo has shown that she knows a good pair of flat shoes when she sees one. On her off-duty time, she’s often photographed wearing loafers and sneakers. But the shoes she’s most often photographed wearing are Dr. Martens—from platform lace-ups to boots and everything in between. But the style she’s been wearing lately is the prettiest style that Dr. Martens makes.

On two separate occasions this month in NYC, Rodrigo has worn the brand’s 8065 style (with white crew socks and other casual pieces, I might add). Dr. Martens 8065 shoes are a pair of chunky, double-strap Mary Janes with all of the classic Dr. Martens details. The thing is, given the popularity of the Mary Jane trend, the shoes aren’t that easy to find right now, but find them I did, and on sale. Keep scrolling to shop them if you’ve been (understandably) influenced by Olivia Rodrigo.

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