New Main Event entertainment venue in Beaumont

BEAUMONT, Texas — We’re looking at more Golden Triangle growth. Main Event, an entertainment venue similar to Dave And Busters, is coming to Beaumont.

Construction is underway at the site near I-10 and Walden Road. Many city leaders have stressed the need for new entertainment options to keep families spending their money in Beaumont.

“It’s a regional attraction and we’re somewhat of a hub city, so people are going to drive, church groups, school groups, people are going to come. It’s really going to be wonderful. It’s going to put us on the map,” said Dean Conwell with the Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Conwell said the location of Main Event should make it a home run of an attraction.

“Not only for locals but for visitors too,” Conwell said. “I mean you look at all those kids, thousands of kids every weekend that come out to Ford Park and play baseball, and once they’re finished, what they want to do is find air conditioning, eat something, drink something, and it’s so close to Ford Park. It [should be] be incredible.”

According to Conwell, Main Event was recently purchased by Dave And Busters.

He said the original plan was for it to open by October, but that may get pushed back to closer to the holidays.

No matter when it opens, parents and kids are fired up.

“Everybody’s always looking for something new and instead of reaching out to outside of our community and having to go to Houston or a Lake Charles or Baton Rouge to find something new and exciting for that to come to us and us to have the option, I think it’s fantastic for the community,” said parent Chad Maida.

Maida said with everything Main Event has to offer, like bowling, mini-golf, and even a bar with food, it will be a great spot not only for kids to enjoy but also for adults.

Parent Naomi Doyle agrees.

“Definitely appreciate being able to go and find something right here locally to enjoy and then also this is a good tourist spot here right off I-10, so I think it’s going to bring in good revenue to the city as well,” Doyle said.

Conwell said the key is to get people off the freeway, so he believes having ford fields, hotels, and Main Event in close proximity right off I-10 will do just that.

This is a developing story. We will update with more if and when we receive more confirmed information.

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