Michelle Obama Wore Baggy Cargo Jeans

During Michelle Obama’s eight years as our first lady, we didn’t get to see her in too many casual outfits—she was much likelier to be photographed in sophisticated Jason Wu dresses. In the years since then, I’ve been reveling in seeing her true personal style shine through. I mean, who could forget those Balenciaga sparkly boots? For her latest outfit, she experimented with the denim trend that’s been surging in popularity: baggy, wide-leg cargo jeans, which are pretty much the antithesis of skinny jeans. 

Obama wore Ganni’s Rinse Denim Fitted Blazer ($395) and Angi Jeans ($295) to an event in Washington, D.C., promoting her new book, The Light We Carry. I realize I might sound like a broken record at this point, but slouchy jeans are truly the most popular denim style with celebrities and influencers right now. Scroll down to see how Michelle Obama wore the trend and shop similar pairs for yourself. 

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