Mary-Kate Olsen Just Wore Trousers and Sneakers in Paris

You can always count on Mary-Kate Olsen (and her sister) to be consistent when it comes to her outfits. You can expect her to wear all-black, loose-fitting pieces sans logos and embellishments. In other words, there’s no room for anything frou-frou in her sleek wardrobe. That said, this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t update her signature outfit from time to time—just consider her latest look as proof.

Photographed in Paris, Mary-Kate refreshed her uniform by choosing baggy trousers in a crinkled satin fabric, giving her look a hint of glam shimmer that made it particularly chic for a trip to the fashion capital of the world. Plus, she also wore a croc-print clutch, a much more polished choice than her usual slouchy tote bags. Scroll down to see Mary-Kate’s new outfit and shop for similar pieces. 

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