Dilon Technologies celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month by highlighting MarginProbe, which plays a vital role in reducing the need for a second surgery for breast cancer patients.

NEWPORT NEWS, Va., Oct. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — One of the worst things a breast cancer patient can hear after having a tumor removed is that some cancer was left behind, and an additional surgery is required to remove it. There are devices available that enable surgeons to visually detect the margins of a tumor during surgery, but they lack the capability to look and detect the cancer on a microscopic level. MarginProbe from Dilon Technologies does just that — it is a groundbreaking technology used for accurate microscopic cancer detection during surgery. Studies show that a surgeon using MarginProbe during a patient’s first tumor removal surgery is more successful in completely removing the cancer in the first try. Ultimately, this means that a person receiving life-saving care, someone that could be your mother, sister, daughter, or friend, is less likely to need a second painful surgery.

This October, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dilon Technologies is highlighting MarginProbe technology and informing healthcare professionals of its benefits. The goal is widespread usage of the device to greatly reduce the need for additional cancer surgeries.

I did have an unclear margin and there was cancer in it and she went back and got the extra tissue out. I was absolutely thrilled and ecstatic. Even though I’m having a diagnosis of cancer, I was happy. Because I didn’t have cancer anymore and I wasn’t going to have that second surgery. And that was just a massive feeling of relief. I was elated that the margin probe found the extra cancer.

Jane Madigan, Patient

It has been clearly established that margin probe significantly decreases the likelihood of individuals having a positive margin [cancer at the edge of the specimen] after lumpectomy for breast cancer. Most of the published studies shows that the margin probe reduces that likelihood by more than 60%. A positive margin means returning to the operating room for additional surgical excision. I am yet to meet a patient who responds positively to being informed about the need to return to the operating room. That negative emotional impact to our patients combined with the financial burden that a re-operation imposes on the institution and on the healthcare, system mandates the needs to reduce positive margin rates and justifies the incorporation of a margin assessment tool such as the Margin probe in all breast cancer programs

Dr. Vincent J. Reid
Director of Surgical Oncology
Mercy Medical Center, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“I believe technology can help modern breast surgery to provide a safe and state of the art care for the patients. MarginProbe is the only FDA approved platform that can assess the lumpectomy margins during the surgery in seconds and can help avoid additional trips to the OR and delayed of the care.”

Mehran Habibi MD, MBA
Associate Prof. of Surgical Oncology
Medical Director, Johns Hopkins Breast Center at Bayview campus

“Our aim is to provide surgeons with high quality solutions that can help them help their patients. Every woman’s cancer is unique and requires many data points to provide optimal treatment. Knowing our technology may help prevent some women from needing a re-excision after undergoing a primary surgeon brings us tremendous gratification.”

George Makhoul, CEO, Dilon Technologies

For Breast Cancer Awareness month and all year long, Dilon Technologies ( is pleased to provide a portfolio of products to help the fight against breast cancer. TrueView is a Specimen Radiography System that uses advanced radiography and automated software to precisely identify tumor lesions in resected or biopsied breast tissue. Dilon’s product portfolio includes the TrueView Specimen Radiography System that uses advanced radiography and automated software to precisely identify tumor lesions in resected or biopsied breast tissue, the MarginProbe, a groundbreaking technology for accurate microscopic margin assessment in breast cancer surgery, and the Navigator System, a trusted brand and world-renowned surgical gamma probe for radio-guided lymphatic mapping and tumor localization.

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