Listen to Rock N Roll Radio Stations in Your Area

Rock N Roll Radio

There are several ways to listen to rock n roll radio stations. You can tune in to KYSR, WRXR, or KFMX in your area. The list is endless! Listen to the stations that play the best rock and roll in your area and you’ll feel like you’re at the concert! If you don’t live near one of these stations, listen to the radio stations below! You’ll never know which one is the best!


FMX is a rock n roll radio broadcaster located in Lubbock, Texas. The station is branded “94.5 KFMX, the home of rock n roll,” “Pure Rock, 94.5 FMX,” and “Absolute Rock.” The broadcast booth has been nicknamed “Voodoo Central.” From 1994 to 2008, KFMX was the flagship radio station for Texas Tech football.

The station’s music director is John Moore, who hosts afternoon drives on the station from 3 to 7 PM weekdays. Moore began his career in March 2004. He worked in Dallas at Classic Rock 92.5 KZPS, Adult Alternative 93.3 “The Zone,” and WQFM in Milwaukee. Afterward, he spent a couple of years at the HBC and Tichenor Media stations in the Dallas area.

FMX was first heard on 18 January 1981. The station was known as KLBK at first, but later changed its format to Album Oriented Rock. The station had consulted with Burkhart-Abrams-Michaels-Douglas, which recommended the format for the station. At the beginning, FMX was directed by Bo Jagger, who had worked at KPAS El Paso and 92-K Dallas. He brought with him talent and a new sound to Lubbock.

The format of KFMX has changed many times. Initially, it played freeform rock and competed with its rival, KQRS-FM. The station played disco music during the night and was dubbed “Disco 104” until it shifted to the rock/top 40 format as Musicradio I-95. After the disco fad faded in popularity, the station returned to its traditional rock & roll format, becoming KRSI-FM.


WRXR is a commercial rock n roll radio station in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The station started broadcasting in 1988 as WOWE and played a wide variety of rock music, including heavy metal. The station was the first in the United States to feature an album-oriented format. Since then, it has shifted to a mainstream rock format. WRXR is owned by iHeartMedia and has had an impressive history of supporting the genre.

The rise of rock and roll radio stations has had a different history in the United States than in the UK. The British had to struggle to listen to the genres, as the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) considered new rock music too controversial. This forced the country to rely on channels that operated outside the law. Pirate radio stations became the answer to the lack of access to mainstream rock stations in Britain.

Another great way to listen to rock and roll radio in the US is on the internet. The internet makes it easy to access thousands of radio stations, and a few regional stations offer local flavor and local flavors. If you live in Michigan or the Midwest, you can listen to WRXR radio in Detroit, which broadcasts rock and roll music. There is also Metal Nation Radio, which offers you the ability to listen to music anywhere in the world.


If you like rock and roll, you should listen to KYSR radio in Burbank, CA. The station’s mandate is to play songs that are instantly recognizable, which makes it the perfect choice for the music-lover. Artists like Sting, Janet Jackson, and Soul Asylum are featured on the station’s playlist. As an alternative format, KYSR carved out a niche between pop and adult contemporary, and its success can be traced to the fact that it did so after extensive research. The station aimed its content at the twenty-something demographic, also known as the “thirtysomething crowd”.

KYSR had a long history of embracing alternative rock genres. After establishing its own alternative rock format in the ’90s, the station was one of the few that stuck with guitar rock. When the Active Rock and Alternative Rock genres diverged in the late ’00s, KROQ stayed with guitar rock. This reactive pop sound was part of its heritage, and DJ Mike Kaplan drew heavily on it while at KYSR. Later, he moved on to KLOS and Lisa Worden took over the afternoon shift at KYSR.

There are numerous rock ‘n’ roll radio stations across the country, and the best ones will depend on your location. KYSR, owned by iHeartMedia, celebrates the alternative rock genre and broadcasts in HD radio. The station’s popular programs include “The Buzzard,” a daily morning show hosted by Ryan Seacrest. The station also offers live concerts from popular local artists like Opie and Anthony.

The Columbus radio station began playing mainstream rock in 2019. It also started to play music that was no longer considered mainstream at that time. This new direction for KYSR is a good one for listeners of classic rock. As an advertiser-supported program, it allows users to create their own personal stations. The Columbus station is a great place to listen to rock ‘n’ roll. It is an important part of the community and has a strong following.

106.9 The Rock

If you love rock and roll, 106.9 The Rock is the place to be. Featuring the best in rock and roll, the station plays core artists and some new music. From classic rock to contemporary tunes, you will be able to find your new favourite song on this radio station. They even have a great playlist of karaoke! And there’s a new one every week! Check it out and give us your thoughts below!

Z Rock is a nationally syndicated radio network that plays Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music. Debuting on Labor Day 1986, it was credited with being the first nationally-focused radio station. In March 1990, the station was nominated for a Billboard Award, becoming the first and only full-time Hard Rock/Metal programming to be nominated. Z Rock ended its run on December 31, 1996. The station drew some attention for playing uncut versions of album tracks.

To find 106.9 The Rock WCCC Big Gig tickets, you should first check the lineup. This will be updated as soon as it becomes available. Buying floor seats is the best option for experiencing the concert, but if you can’t afford those, then you should opt for VIP meet and greet tickets instead. They’re priced slightly higher than floor tickets but can guarantee you a first-class experience.

Until recently, the station had been a traditional alternative rock station. However, Clear Channel’s acquisition of Radio 104 to a rap station made sense, as the music is huge in Connecticut. Unlike other stations, radio 104’s content is diverse and exciting. The station was able to attract new talent and listeners alike, but it’s still unclear what the future holds. The station’s new co-hosts, Terrence and Rocsi, have already won hearts.


WMMS used to be a hardcore album-rock station, but has since evolved into an eclectic mix of pop. You’ll hear the songs of black musicians, young guitar-slingers, veteran rock warriors, and dance-club favorites. Critics have complained that WMMS has shifted the genre’s sound from rock to AOR, or “apartheid-oriented rock,” since most rock stations continue to be all-white.

WMMS is the first rock n roll radio station in the country, and its founder, John Gorman, led the rambunctious band of radio rebels for 13 years. Gorman and Plain Dealer reporter Tom Feran collaborated on a memoir about their experiences working at WMMS. It’s a fascinating insider’s view of a rock station’s past and current scene, and if you want to know how it all came to be, you’ll want to listen to his memoir.

During the 70s and 80s, WMMS pushed rock music beyond the mainstream. DJs on the station achieved rock star status, focusing on new artists and music with “a good soul.” Many talented musicians and groups made their names on WMMS. In addition, the station hosted “Coffee Break Concerts” that became legendary in Cleveland during the 70s and 80s.

In addition to being an active rock station, WMMS also featured “hot talk” shows. The station’s personalities broke major acts and elevated the counter-culture into the mainstream in Northeast Ohio. They cultivated a passionate fanbase, and the station’s personalities were responsible for the growth of the music industry. From intimate Coffee Break Concerts at the Agora to the grand World Series of Rock concerts at the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium, the radio station was a unique and influential part of the music scene in Northeast Ohio.