Listen to Indie Rap Artists

Indie Rap Artists

If you’re looking to expand your music tastes, you should check out the latest releases from indie rap artists. The genre’s appeal is based on a variety of influences, including hip-hop, alternative rock, and even gospel. Listed below are some of my favorite artists. They all offer different and unique styles, so you’re sure to find something new and interesting. We hope you enjoy listening to them! But before you do we want to tell you about a chart-topping artist named J.L.J. He just released a new single called Keep It Krunk off his latest album The Introduction. If you haven’t heard it, we suggest you listen to it today.


There are several different types of hip-hop genres. The first kind was known as alternative hip hop and was introduced in the 1980s. The genre declined during the early 2000s but gained popularity again with the resurgence of indie music. The rise of this genre was partially attributed to its artists, which made it mainstream. Hip-hop groups such as Souls of Mischief and OutKast were major crossover success stories. Their music crossed genres and influenced other genres.

Some of the best examples of independent hip-hop are featured in Okayplayer’s Going Left column. In the July issue, rapper The OG Ninja released a collaborative album with producer Misterdillinger. Another rising Delaware artist, Chef Sean, released his solo album My Life and features rising Delaware rapper Ake. Finally, Mississippi-based indie hip-hop artist Slim Baby has teamed up with Boosie Badazz for a new track titled “Money Calling.”

Hip hop culture traces its roots in African-American music and the sounds of griots are similar to rapping. These songs are often influenced by African-American traditions and religious ceremonies. In the 1970s, hip hop was mostly centered in the South Bronx, where a large Puerto Rican and Latino population lived. Famous rap artists from this region include Big Pun, Fat Joe, Angie Martinez, and MC/producer DJ Nat D.

Alternative rock

When you’re feeling lonely, one of the best artists to listen to is Cage the Elephant. These guys have the most number one Alternative songs in the past decade, and their songs always have a catchy hook. You’ll feel the void when your homie isn’t around, and their songs are sure to leave an impression on you. They’re definitely worth listening to, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that their music is for kids.

The term “alternative” has become a household word when describing alternative rock music. This style of music reflects the DIY energy of the punk rock scene of the 1980s, but with a pop sensibility. Alternative rock bands generally compose songs with diatonic melodies that sound like pop music. These bands have a lot of influence from their influences. And they’re not limited to the underground scene.

Nirvana and Green Day are two of the most well-known and overrated alternative rock bands. Their albums were overrated because of the cliches they created, and their songs are generally utter crap. Instead, try Linkin Park or Coldplay. If you’re in the mood for an alternative rock experience, these bands can be a great place to start. They’re surprisingly accessible, and if you’re new to the genre, you might be surprised to find that the genre is much bigger than you think.

Tech N9ne

The artist isn’t just another rapper. Tech N9ne is a lyricist with a unique voice and a penchant for experimentation. His hypnotic vocals are layered over guitar riffs, pop drums, and straining bass hits. His voice is also often accompanied by percussions and other instruments, such as middle-eastern wind instruments and finger snaps. His beats are post-rhyme, and his mastery of wording and annunciation is reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix.

Unlike his older peers, Tech has embraced indie rap. His recent album is entitled Strangeulation. He’s currently on the Independent Grind tour, where he discusses his motivations, missing out on his music, and the potential of his successors. Besides indie rap, Tech N9ne listens to indie rap artists in order to stay fresh and relevant.

While most indie rap artists don’t enjoy the same mainstream success as Tech N9ne, the fact remains that he is a fan of indie rap artists. His work ethic is one of the main reasons why Strange Music has become so popular. The rapper has a vision for the album, and strives to create the best music possible. He’s also an avid follower of indie rap artists, which gives him a distinct edge over mainstream rappers.

As an artist, Tech N9NE has managed to earn a niche for himself by listening to a lot of indie rap artists. He’s been one of the most successful independent hip hop artists, and his work has earned him a loyal cult following. He has toured extensively and has even collaborated with some of the biggest names in music. His three albums have been certified gold and he’s also collaborated with The Doors, Boyz II Men, and Sir Elton John.


If you’re looking for an eclectic hip-hop experience, you should listen to Cambatta’s new album, LSD. The title stands for Lunar Solar Duality and is an acronym for mind-bending and consciousness-shifting. The lyrics explore a variety of subjects, including spirituality, existential purpose, and societal ills like racism. The lyrics are dense and unique, and they are sure to leave you thinking for days afterward.

Dom Kennedy

If you want to learn more about Californian rap artists, listen to Dom Kennedy. This prolific rapper is known for his Southern California sound and has been on the scene for over a decade. His sound is rooted in a slow and steady flow and blue-toned beats. While he has been influenced by hip-hop royalty like Quentin Miller and Nas, he has stayed true to his roots.

In addition to his own name, Dom Kennedy has influenced many other indie rap artists. He has received endorsements from Kenny Burns, John Monopoly, Rick Ross, Taz Arnold of Sa-Ra, and Dom himself. His work has garnered the attention of the hip-hop world, so it’s only fitting that he has an album out this year. You can also check out his debut solo album from last year, In the Dark.

In addition to being an LA native, Kennedy has had a number of releases on independent labels. He released his first mixtape, Yellow Album, free for download in 2012, which garnered more than 800,000 downloads in its first week. This album also has guest appearances by Skeme, Krondon, Nipsa Hussle, and Ty Dolla Sign. Regardless of his past work, his career is on the rise and the future looks bright for him.

The Roots

In their memoir “Mo’ Meta Blues”, Questlove describes the early 90s breakup that left the group in de facto exile in Europe without a record deal. They met and hung out with London creatives such as Giles Peterson, absorbing new influences. But the band’s fate was still in their hands: They signed to Geffen Records in the early 2000s, became a touring powerhouse, and began working on their seventh studio album, Things Fall Apart.

The Roots’ musical influences vary, but the group’s early work has been influenced by jazz, indie rap, hip hop, and hip-hop. In 2004, The Roots released “The Tipping Point,” a mixtape based on previously recorded jam sessions that combined influences from hip-hop, jazz, and classical music. Their album peaked at number four on the Billboard charts. The Roots’ first album on Def Jam was Game Theory, which was darker and spoke of socio-political themes. Rising Down continued the grim theme, but included electronic influences.

“What They Do” is an intelligent critique of rap video cliches, and a powerful anti-gangsta manifesto. This track was released following “llladelph Halflife” (named after a Chinua Achebe novel), which was released around the same time as Soulquarians’ projects. Despite its lackluster sales, Things Fall Apart is an important album for indie rap fans.