Jennifer Lawrence Wore a Ballet Flats Outfit For Date Night

I don’t know if you’ve been following the outfits of Jennifer Lawrence as closely as I have, so I’m here to tell you that she’s really nailed the whole casual-chic NYC girl look. Her style has always been pretty classic (which I guess you’d refer to as “quiet luxury” now), but she rarely misses an opportunity to work in a low-key trend or It bag. And while out for a date night last week, she worked in several trends that combined to create a very pretty look.

If you’ve been looking for fresh ballet flat outfit inspiration, look no further than Lawrence, who paired them with high-waisted straight-leg jeans for the night out. She completed the look with an oversized red sweater (trend!), belt (trend!), and a diamond tennis necklace (trend!). Let this serve as proof that if you buy just one red item this season, make it a sweater (and be sure to pair it with ballet flats).

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