Jana Kramer and Chris Evans ‘just stopped talking’ | Entertainment

Jana Kramer and Chris Evans “just stopped talking” after they briefly dated.

The 38-year-old star recently revealed that she dated the Hollywood actor for a short period of time, and she’s now taken to social media to clarify the circumstances surrounding their split, after previously describing it as “embarrassing”.

Jana said on Instagram Story: “First of all, he didn’t ghost me. We just stopped talking. … Can we all just, like, laugh at ourselves? It’s so silly.”

Jana – who played Alex Dupre in the TV series ‘One Tree Hill’ – first discussed their romance after Chris, 41, was named People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive.

She explained: “I know him pretty well. We – I honestly can’t remember how we met – it was way before Instagram. It was at a club. So I’m gonna say I was … 26ish. He had just done the Scarlett Johansson movie and he was younger. But he was definitely known.

“He wasn’t Captain America yet, but he was a heartthrob cutie. I can’t remember how many dates it was, I just remember the last date. We were all hanging out. It was a fun time but I was getting a little sleeping. To this day I’m actually sort of mortified! And so I was like, ‘Hey I’m gonna go to bed’ or whatever.

“And so I had asparagus for dinner that night so I went to the bathroom and he immediately went after me. And so that’s the last interaction that I remember is him going into the bathroom after I just went to the bathroom with asparagus pee and never hearing from him again from the morning.

“We didn’t hook up that night. He stayed up with his friends and the next day I did the asparagus walk of shame the next day and [I] never heard from him again!”

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