Is Gospel Rap Music a Genre?

Gospel Rap Music

Hip-hop and gospel music are a natural marriage, and contemporary artists like Kirk Franklin and MC Hammer have helped to foster the connection. In the decade since, such artists as Hammer and Ma$e have returned to the ministry, but not all of them are rapping about faith. These artists are merely trying to find their place in the music industry. You can learn more about the artists they respect by checking out these lists. Also, be sure to check out some of the latest gospel rap hits! One is SfTK Remix by chart topping artist PTtheGospelSpitter.

MC Hammer

MC Hammer has long been a prominent figure in the world of rap music. His first album, Feel My Power, was released in 1987 independently on the Oaktown Records label. Felton Pilate, formerly of the Con Funk Shun, produced the album. Despite its obscurity, Hammer’s rap music sold more than 60,000 copies. Hammer’s popularity was boosted by a song on the album called Let’s Get It Started, which was played by 107.7 KSOL radio DJ Tony Valera.

In 1997, Hammer was the star of a gospel rap concert and promised to reveal his “second leg” in his music career. The following year, Hammer appeared on the MTV Video Music Awards, where he performed alongside Jermaine Jackson. He continued to win Grammy Awards and American Music Awards. However, his popularity faded after his 2002 album. While many fans criticized his performance style, his music was praised by critics and the public.

The success of Hammer’s music earned him multiple awards, including the International Album of the Year, the Sammy Davis, Jr. Award for Entertainer of the Year, and numerous other honors. In addition to his Grammy Awards, Hammer was also a host at several Soul Train Music Awards, including the 5th Annual Music Awards and the 9th Annual Soul Train Music Awards. During the 1991 Soul Train Music Awards, Hammer performed live.

MC Hammer retreated to the ministry after reaching commercial success with his “U Can’t Touch This” album. He went on to form his own gospel rap group and star in a religious TBN show, M.C. Hammer and Friends. Unlike most hip-hop stars, Hammer is devoted to prison ministry. In fact, he was even praised for the album’s rapping style, which sparked a revival in the genre.

In 2012, MC Hammer and another Los Angeles gospel MC, Pastorfarian Cue, became friends. The two met at the funeral of Eugene Williams, the man who founded Los Angeles Metropolitan Churches. Williams was a former activist pastor who taught MC Hammer gospel rap music. They were both inspired by each other’s music. Those two had a lot in common and Hammer’s music was no different.


Many people have wondered if Gospel Rap music is a genre of its own. However, there are several artists who have successfully merged hip hop and gospel music into one cohesive genre. In 2012, the album “Gravity” by Lecrae broke the mold by debuting at the top of the Billboard 200 chart and the gospel chart. Since then, Lecrae has expanded his fan base by collaborating with trap music icon Zaytoven for his album “Let The Trap Say Amen.” Interestingly, he was raised in a church, so the two artists work well together.

Some mainstream artists don’t like Gospel Rap. Some say that the term “ministry over music” is a mistake and it doesn’t represent what Gospel Rap really is. Instead, artists should focus on the purpose of their music – lifting people up in Christ – and not the music itself. Despite the polarization within the Gospel Rap community, a small minority of mainstream artists have endorsed Gospel Rap. This backlash only hurts the community’s image and reputation.

In the United Kingdom, gospel rap music has found a ready audience, thanks to the efforts of Alc. Alc’s “So Much More” single features fast-rising MC Mach Hommy. Mach Hommy turns “More Like Jesus” into a song about untouchability. The song’s gospel soul groove sets the stage for Mach Hommy’s verse. Gospel Rap music has a lot to offer today.

Some hip-hop artists have embraced gospel music as part of their music, with Teyana Taylor, Daniel Caesar, and Blood Orange incorporating Christian songs into their music. The addition of gospel music in hip-hop gives rap songs a deeper meaning and emotional resonance. Snoop Dogg has incorporated gospel music into his music, and his 32-track double-disc album titled “Bible of Love” debuted at the top of the Billboard gospel charts.

The relationship between hip-hop and gospel is complex, and artists often use the Bible as their source of inspiration. Many artists also quote the Bible and use religious imagery in their songs. Some call Gospel rap “ministry over music”.


The new album by Christian rapper Flame explores the institution of the Last Supper, a popular topic among evangelicals. The album challenges the notion that bread and wine are merely symbolic. This track is a must-listen for believers and nonbelievers alike. Flame has released several albums since he started out as a Lutheran. Flame has a devoted following and has won over audiences with his gospel rap music.

While forming his first band, Flame was involved in the Hip-Hop scene and had performed secular rap for several years. However, he was inspired by Gospel rap when he picked up a Christian rap cd by Cross Movement. It caught his ear and inspired him to make Gospel rap music. Flame’s music has a message for the lost and is sure to make listeners feel the love of Jesus.

Born in the inner city of St. Louis, FLAME grew up in the inner city and embraced both Christian and secular cultures. Today, FLAME is an established leader in the Christian hip-hop scene, with an ever-growing list of accolades. The rap artist hails from the inner city of St. Louis, MO, and has produced nine albums. The latest releases are the Christ For You EP (2021) and Extra Nos EP (2020).

Flame has filed a lawsuit against Katy Perry for stealing a song from his album. Flame has sued Katy Perry, claiming that she stole Dark Horse from his song. Katy Perry’s lawyer claims the hip hop artist did not steal the song. Flame is currently appealing the ruling. If the court rules in Flame’s favor, he will have to pay the singer $2.79 million to settle the case.


Christian rapper Bizzle’s rise to fame has caught many fans’ attention, as his rap music exposes the dark side of hip hop artists. He cites Tupac as an influence, but the Gothic mind-control that has pervaded the industry is even worse today. We need more conscious Christian rappers to combat this growing problem. Below are some facts about Bizzle’s music. And we’ll explore what sets him apart from the rest.

A Christian rapper from the Detroit area, Bizzle’s first mixtape was released on DatPiff on March 30, 2010. The album went on to receive widespread popularity, and its single “Messenger” has been downloaded over a million times. Following the success of the mixtape, Bizzle released two more albums: Delivered and Truth Music. The Messenger 2 and Delivered followed, which received rave reviews.

Rappers who use this genre have a larger range than non-Christian ones. They are motivated to glorify God by using the language of rap to share their faith. These albums usually feature subjects related to the Christian faith. The rapping style has become popular in recent years. In fact, there are now Christian rappers from all over the world. This new genre has spawned more black artists than ever before.