Inside Texas Politics: Congressional District 30 candidate Jane Hope Hamilton says she would focus on bringing jobs, resources to District

Congressional District 30 candidates are making their final push two weeks before a runoff election.

TEXAS, USA — Jane Hope Hamilton said if she wins the runoff for Congressional District 30 (CD 30), she would focus on bringing jobs and economic development to the district.

“I would work on the manufacturing side of things, making sure that I’m working with my colleagues, making sure I’m working with the Administration,” Hamilton said on Inside Texas Politics. “Biden has a plan to bring those manufacturing jobs back to the United States and I would be on the front line fighting to make sure that those jobs come to Congressional District 30.”

While Hamilton has never served in public office, she has extensive experience in public policy. She served as Chief of Staff for Congressman Marc Veasey and worked for the House Rules Committee. She’s also had various roles within the Texas Legislature.

She decided to run for Congress after political veteran Eddie Bernice Johnson announced she wouldn’t seek re-election after 30 years. Hamilton now finds herself in a runoff for CD 30 with State Rep. Jasmine Crockett.

As for the lack of economic progress in CD 30, Hamilton said a big part of that is the fact that economic mobility is so hard to come by in the district. She said the billions of dollars heading to Texas for infrastructure will help, particularly in job creation and attracting business. But she said it’s critical the money goes where it’s needed.

“We have to make sure that the federal, legislative elected officials as well as the State officials are working together to make sure that that federal money, those federal resources when we talk about those infrastructure dollars, actually get to the communities like Oak Cliff, like South Dallas. We are not only job seekers, but we are also job creators,” Hamilton said.

While Hamilton has received endorsements from several north Texas politicians, including Sen. Royce West and State Rep. Rafael Anchia, one of her endorsements did raise a few eyebrows.

The Democratic Majority for Israel, DMFI, argues that support for a strong relationship between the U.S. and Israel is what’s best for the country. But the group has been called racist and faced some criticism for being anti-Muslim.

Hamilton said she didn’t call the group for an endorsement.

“I actually didn’t seek that endorsement. They called me. We had a conversation and I said listen, I am for a two state solution. And I think that right now in this country, we need to be talking more about a two state solution,” she said.

The runoff election for CD 30 will be held May 24.

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