I’m Taking Party Dressing Seriously in 2024 With These 3 Trends

There is nothing I get more excited to dress myself for than a great party. It is the perfect opportunity to wear something fantastic and really show out. When I think of party dressing and the brands I go to whenever I have something really special coming up, Retrofête is just a no-brainer. Ever since I put my first Retrofête dress on, I have been in love. Being a New York–based company, it has always had its finger on the pulse of what It girls want to be wearing, taking a “more is more” approach to party dressing. It’s safe to say Retrofête is not for the wallflower. After seeing Retrofête’s latest runway show this past fashion week, I was even more obsessed than usual and knew I needed to tap the mastermind behind the collection—Ohad Seroya—for more on this collection, the party dressing trends he loves, tips for after-party looks, and more.

Keep scrolling to read my conversation with Seroya and shop some of the trends he’s suggesting for party dressing in 2024.

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What was the inspiration behind your fall/winter 2024 collection?

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