I Found 30 of the Best Fall Boots Nordstrom Has to Offer

When it comes to shopping for fall, there is a laundry list of products to be excited about, but for me, it’s always been boots. I’ve had a love affair with boots for as long as I can remember, and every time it starts to get chilly, I get more and more excited about all of the chic ways I’m planning to style them for the season to come. This fall, I’m clearing out all of the old boots that I no longer love and adding some new ones in their place, so naturally, I took to Nordstrom to start my hunt for the perfect chic pairs. Whenever I’m shopping for something I really really want I always start at Nordstrom, as I just always find what I need. Below are 30 pairs for you to shop—from rain boots to tall boots to Western boots. 

Keep scrolling to see which boots are currently sitting in my Nordstrom cart.

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