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How AI is Changing Branding & Marketing with Chris Carr featured imageIn 2001, Chris Carr launched a start-up in his spare time – a marketing company called Farotech. What started primarily as a web design firm quickly grew into a comprehensive digital marketing agency specializing in helping clients in the healthcare, orthopedics, manufacturing, SaaS, and cybersecurity fields see explosive growth through a proven marketing system. 

Since early 2020, Chris has become a thought leader in artificial intelligence (AI). Through years of analysis, workshops, and hands-on experience, he’s observed the rise of modern AI and its potential to reshape the business landscape. Recognizing that most businesses are not ready for this massive disruption from AI, Chris offers workshops and lunch-and-learns to equip businesses for the future that’s already here. Find out more at

Today, we’re going to talk about AI and branding. My guest, Chris Carr, is at the forefront of these topics. He will share actionable tips that you can start doing now to incorporate AI into your business so you aren’t left behind when everyone else moves forward with that technology.

“If you’re an individual who’s not willing to adopt that technology [AI], there’s a chance you will get replaced by somebody who does. ” – Chris Carr

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This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • Building hyper-personalization into your marketing. 
  • Why your marketing should start with your branding. 
  • The stages of solving a problem. 
  • How AI is changing every industry. 
  • Targeting your brand to your audience. 
  • Standing out in an AI-filled marketplace.
  • Chat priming. 
  • Authenticity in branding. 

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