Here’s Exactly What to Pack for Your Next Italy Trip

Thank goodness for boredom, because that’s precisely how I ended up booking a weeklong trip to Italy. During one of my many late-night sessions aimlessly scrolling through the web, I stumbled upon a cheap flight to Rome that was almost too good to be true. The summer months are considered the high season for visiting Europe, making flights notoriously expensive due to the demand, so I knew I couldn’t pass the opportunity up. Next thing you know, I had an Italian summer vacation booked, with a detour to Greece thrown in.

While I’m more than thrilled to return to Italy (it’s one of my favorite destinations in the world) I’m even more excited about the outfit planning. Meticulously prepping my vacation outfits is my toxic shopping trait, and I’m not afraid to admit it. I’ve been scanning through hundreds of dresses, shoes, and bags to find the perfect pieces to complement the picturesque Italian landscape, and I’ve managed to finally narrow it down to my absolute favorites. So far I’m channeling breezy summer staples, with a handful of colorful and trendy pieces strewn in for a touch of pizzazz. Beachside towns like Positano and Sorrento will also be stops along my journey, so plenty of Pucci-esuqe prints and vibrant patterns are another a priority on my shopping list. For a deep dive into the finds I’m throwing on my vacation mood board, keep scrolling. 

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