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HARTLAND — Resident Deepak Arora, chief executive officer of Hartland-based Wearable Technologies Inc., invented a wearable device that monitors its user, with a target market of kids and the elderly, and has the capability to prevent accidents.

The invention came after a tragic accident in June of 2020 when Arora’s daughter, Mahi, drowned in a retention pond behind their Hartland home.

“We’re devastated, she was only two and a half years old and we still have to deal with that every day,” said Arora, who added that shortly after the incident, they did extensive research with analysts and could not find any solutions or technologies that would have stopped the accident. “There was nothing out there that could have prevented it.”

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The technology can predict and detect upcoming scenarios based on your movement, what’s happening in your body or if you are falling somewhere.

“Based on my background, I saw an opportunity where we could add some of the latest technology that’s available, like artificial intelligence, that can help not just detect these scenarios but sort of think ahead,” said Arora, who has a background of more than 20 years in health care IT technology.

The device also has the potential to detect any extreme temperature changes inside your car or home, and it will be able to remotely turn on ventilation in your smart car or adjust the smart thermostat in your home to avoid a catastrophic event, according to Arora.

Arora found that drowning itself is the second leading cause of death in the U.S. for kids under the age of five. Along with that, he found that there are many accidents happen with temperature conditions when kids are left in cars accidentally.

“It’s something that people don’t realize can happen to them,” said Arora. “It does happen quite often, and a lot of incidents don’t even get reported.”

The wearable device is smaller than an Apple watch and does not yet have a screen, according to Arora. It can be worn like a watch or can attach to clothing while monitoring the occupant.

“We made something good out of a terrible tragedy and something that can help the mankind or at least in general, people,” said Arora. “We just want to provide another layer of protection so that people don’t get into this situation (which) is my end goal.”


The process and research

It took Arora around six months to wrap his mind around what he could do to prevent this from happening in the future. He created a basic prototype in his own home and started officially building his prototype in late 2020 with the help of investors and Jeff Horwath of Jeff Horwath Family Builders.

Horwath built the home Arora and his family live in and became involved with Arora’s family after the accident. He is now the cofounder and chairman of Wearable Technologies.

Based on his invention, Arora is a finalist in the 2022 Wisconsin Innovation Awards. The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) nominated Wearable Technologies for the awards as they saw a good social and economic benefit from this invention and hence decided to sponsor the innovation for the award.

“It’s definitely acknowledgment and recognition that keeps me moving forward, but at the end of the day I think our real success criteria is to be able to save at least one life out of this device,” said Arora.

Friends and family are helping Arora as much as they can, as well as their local community in Hartland where they have lived for the past four years.

To Arora, the most important thing is giving families the peace of mind that if they ever do run into a terrible situation, the device is a tool that will prevent something tragic from happening.

The company has been proactive in getting ready this year so they can be ready for launch in the first half of 2023. They are taking a focus group approach by interacting with people who are testing the product for them and are currently working on the final designs and aesthetic for the device.

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