Harry Styles Will Make You Want to Wear Pajamas…With a Blazer

The sartorial universe of Harry Styles is constantly expanding. In his current Harry’s House era, the pop star has given us Technicolor jumpsuits, head-to-toe sequins, and suits so maximalist that they hold their own against the greats. Earlier this week, Styles dropped a new music video for “Late Night Talking,” To the surprise of absolutely no one, he is dressed to the nines. However, what he is wearing—silky pajamas paired with a dreamy, dressy blazer—is a somewhat unexpected (but totally welcome) style swerve.

The hero of the video is the pajama set that Styles wears as he saunters from scene to scene. They’re made of smooth silk and delightfully speckled with polka dots. He starts out in a pink-and-tan number before swapping into a brown-and-blue pair. Both color palettes have warm retro tones reminiscent of sultry midcentury design. But the real aha moment comes when he adds an off-white blazer over those high-design jammies. (He also looks to be wearing sneakers from the Gucci and Adidas collaboration.) It’s a high-low style moment that Styles pulls off with ease—one of the many perks of being Harry Styles.


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The whole music video feels like it doubles as an ad for Gucci—which checks out, given Styles’ relationship with the house and friendship with designer Alessandro Michele. Lest you forget: Styles designed a collaborative collection with Michele, HA HA HA, which will be released later this year. Much like those clothes, the ones in this video are soaking with 1970s vibes and louche in all the right kinds of ways.

Now, to the mere non-rockstar mortals among us who might not get dressed with the same devil-may-care attitude as Styles, pairing your summertime suit with a camp-collared shirt is the safer bet. Helpfully, some of the season’s most exciting shirts carry a pajama-esque quality. There’s this powder-blue option from Celine, complete with black piping details, or this striped Club Monaco shirt with a relaxed open-collar made of breezy linen. (There are plenty of others, too.) It’s a way to add a dash of 1970s capital-S Sleaze into your summer suit game without veering completely into fictional erotic publisher territory. And look, if you want to go full Harry Styles and wear your best pajamas with your funkiest blazer, we’re certainly not going to stop you—it is summertime, after all.

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