Harry Styles Has a New Album—and Even More Wild Style

These days, musicians releasing new music do so not only by putting out a new album, but also entering a new era, one defined by the clothes, colors, and ephemera deployed during the marketing rollout. With style, specifically, an artist’s outfits can speak to the state of mind they were in while making the music—and the one a listener might be in, too, while listening to it.

And while Harry Styles has long embraced a sort of nouveau glam-rock style, the release of Harry’s House, his album out tomorrow, brings with it a same-but-different spin on his deeply confident personal style. The launch of his last album, Fine Lines, coincided with a run of kooky designer duds. And while, for this rollout, he’s still wearing playful outfits that nod to old and new trends in genderless dressing, he’s also changing things up a bit. So far, that has meant a great many zany jumpsuits.

Performing on The Today Show in New York City this morning, Styles wore a custom bell-sleeved knit jumpsuit by JW Anderson—a riff on a one-shoulder mini dress from the designer’s 2022 resort collection, which didn’t not resemble a zebra-fronted package of Fruit Stripe gum. The look was very much in tune with much of the customized womenswear he’s been wearing throughout the album rollout thus far, as dressed by his longtime stylist Harry Lambert. (On the Harry’s House album cover, he wears a casual, Laurel Canyon-y outfit complete with ballet flats by the British designer Molly Goddard, who is typically known for her frothy dresses.) And this particular jumpsuit, as the diligent Instagram fan account Harry Styles Fashion Archive observed, is also quite similar to another custom JW Anderson piece Styles wore in a recent promo shoot.

Ahead of his rainy outdoor performance, Today’s Hoda Kotb asked Styles about this particular outfit, and the singer cited a desire to be swathed. “Well, it’s early so I wanted to be comfortable…I thought, sleeping bag, babygrow,” Styles said, using a Britishism for an infant onesie. “I’m going for comfort and I thought I could soak up some of the rain with this.”

Cindy Ord

A day earlier, appearing on The Howard Stern Show, Styles wore snug neon-green trousers, a strawberry-printed Gucci ringer tee—he’s been a Gucci ambassador since 2018, and notably wore several custom looks by the brand, including another jazzy jumpsuit, while headlining Coachella last month)—and a big, Wilma Flintstone-esque bauble necklace by the Miami-based brand Éliou. Actually, he’s been sporting Éliou necklaces a lot lately, and in a rainbow of colors, including on the cover of the June issue of Better Homes and Gardens. Here in the proverbial House of Harry, comfort—or at least an iteration of it fit for an arena pop star—seems to be a throughline.

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