Hailey Bieber’s Colorful Flat Shoes Transformed Her Outfit

Something that I think about a lot is shoe-color trends and what shoe colors to wear with an outfit. Something tells me that Hailey Bieber might be similar to me in that respect, given the shoes she wore earlier this week to change up an outfit. Bieber is no stranger to trendy colors, including the trendiest of them all at the moment: red. And I think it’s worth discussing how she incorporated red into her outfit recently.

Last Sunday, Bieber was photographed wearing jeans, a striped Loewe polo top, and a leather blazer. She topped the look off with black The Row loafers. Two days later, Bieber wore almost the exact same outfit except instead of the blazer she wore a trench coat and instead of black loafers, she wore the same pair but in red. 

As you’ll see below, the addition of the red loafers really punched up the outfit and made me do a double-take, even though I’m used to seeing red shoes on people at this point in the trend cycle. My advice is to do as Hailey does and keep swapping your black shoes for red ones. Keep scrolling to shop some of my favorite crimson footwear on the market right now.

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