Hailey Bieber Has Made the Switch to Low-Rise Pants

Hailey Bieber is our outfit-trend queen, so when she starts working something new into her outfits on repeat occasions, I notice. I also notice when she kind of stops wearing certain things. My latest observation is about her choice of pants. For years at this point, the buzz has been around high-waisted pants and high-waisted pants alone, but you may have heard that things have shifted as of late, and Bieber is proof positive of that.

So if you guessed that Bieber has embraced low-rise pants recently, ding, ding, ding! Instead of pants that button at her ribcage, she’s been gravitating toward pants that button at her hip bones, often worn with crop tops to really drive home the low-rise-trend point. And truth be told, this has me questioning whether high-waisted pants are even “in” at this point. For the time being at least, I think the answer is yes—with the caveat that they’ll give your outfit more of a classic look than a trend-forward one this season. So choose your fighter and scroll to shop some low-rise pants that Bieber would definitely go for.

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