From Rocket Technology to Human Biology, These 4 Science Museums Will Wow the Entire Family

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Science Museum with kids

Whether you want to explore a scientific phenomenon or entertain your kids with dinosaur bones, museums across the United States offer a variety of immersive experiences. From a focus on fire safety to historic submarines on display, below are four science museums sure to impress. 

1. California Science Center in Los Angeles, California

The California Science Center offers various exhibits about air, space, human biology, fire safety, and the Earth’s ecosystem. At the museum’s many exhibits focused on the ecosystem, visitors can learn about “familiar and fantastic” worlds. As well, hands-on interactives at the museum’s “Fire! Science and Safety” exhibit give visitors the opportunity to explore the science of fire. 

The entire building is also wheelchair accessible with an elevator running between each floor.

2. Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville, Georgia 

The Tellus Science Museum occupies over 125,000 square feet with various exhibits focused on fossils, transportation technology, and interactive science experiments.

The planetarium has astronomy programs and stargazing events, and the “Science of Motion” exhibit focuses on major developments in automobile and aircraft technology. If you or your children are interested in dinosaurs, the museum has a fossil gallery that houses a 40-foot Tyrannosaurus rex and other dinosaur fossils. 

3. Michigan Science Center in Detroit, Michigan

The Michigan Science Center has more than 220 interactive exhibits that offer hands-on learning of physics, engineering, health, and space. In the museum’s space gallery, visitors can explore the history of space travel and learn about rocket technology. 

At “Math Mountain,” kids can test their addition and subtraction skills with interactive games. People of all ages can also channel their inner creativity at the various craft and experiment stations.

4. Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Illinois

A staple of the Windy City, Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry is worth the visit. The giant Romanesque building houses a German submarine from the 1960s, a genetics exhibit, and an exhibit focused on how farmers are implementing tech in their trade. 

If you’re interested in trains, the museum lets visitors go back in time by exploring the historic train, the Pioneer Zephyr, that reinvented travel and design. 

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