Former cabinet minister Jeremy Wright calls on Boris Johnson to quit

Nadine Dorries, the Culture Secretary, has called on Uefa to launch an urgent investigation into what happened in Paris on Saturday night after chaotic scenes marred the Champion’s League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid. 

Chris Philp, the technology minister, said the footballing organisation must now “properly investigate” and “get to the bottom of it”. 

He told Sky News: “I was horrified to see those pictures of fans, including some children, disabled fans, being pepper sprayed by French police and by the pictures I saw there was no obvious justification for that kind of behaviour. 

“So Nadine, I think, is quite right to call for Uefa to urgently investigate exactly what happened there because we don’t want to see football fans, least of all children and disabled fans, being pepper sprayed by police in the way that we saw. I really am concerned by it, the Government are as well, and we need Uefa to properly investigate exactly what happened and get to the bottom of it.”

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